When Life Gives You Coconuts

For a while I’ve been hinting that the new year was going to bring some new adventures.  Well, now I can tell you a bit about it.

Today I am excited to announce that I have taken on the position of Director of Watersports / Ambassador of Fun at the Preserve at Botany Bay in St. Thomas. While this is a short term engagement, I think that it’s going to be a great one!  For the next 4 months I’ll be launching a full catalog of Kayak, SUP, Snorkeling, Hiking & Orienteering adventures for the owners & guests here at Botany Bay.

The Beach at Sandy Bay

The Beach at Sandy Bay – This is where most of our Kayak and SUP programs will be launching.

The fact that the season here will wind down just in time for me to get back to the Eastern Shore and get SouthEast Expeditions rolling into the 2013 Season means that I get to both do something new and exciting, and continue building the business that I love back home with my friends, family, and community.

This is also an awesome opportunity to introduce Coastal Kayaks to the Caribbean, and to hopefully expand our dealer network into some pretty cool places. Keep an eye out for some great product shots & videos coming out over the course of the next several weeks. Our container full of boats just hit the docks yesterday, and I am looking forward to getting them on the water and doing some demo’s at several resorts here in the islands.

I am also excited about continuing my work as the Virginia Eastern Shorekeeper.  Obviously I will have a lot of help from some hired guns to get out on the water, attend meetings, and do some of the other fun tasks that are required while I’m away, but this is an extremely rewarding job, and I believe that this change-up may make us an even stronger organization over the coming year.

Sandy Bay

This is Sandy Bay – Hiking, Orienteering, Birdwatching & more await in the hills that surround  Botany Bay & Sandy Bay

The team I am working with down here is awesome.  My brother Chris is the Project Manager, and the opportunity to work with him every day was at least as much of a draw as the gorgeous blue waters of Botany Bay. For those of you who know my father’s company, Timbers Resorts, you’ll recognize that the Preserve at Botany Bay is indeed a Timbers property, so I get to work with my Dad too, which is pretty cool.

So, aside from the family time and the fabulous tropical location, what else could a guy ask for?  Well, how about a blank slate of 400 acres in paradise, the chance to work with my buddy Bland Kiser who is not only an exceptional guitarist, but the lead Sales Agent on the property, and a job that requires me to help people have as much fun as possible in this incredible natural playground.

Palm Trees at Botany Bay

Incredible snorkeling awaits just beyond the shade of the palms at Sandy Bay.

So, if you’re in the neighborhood and want to see “Paradise Perfected” then please let me show you around the best destination in the Caribbean. If you’re not planning on being in the neighborhood, but would like to change that, drop me a line and start making some plans.

I’ll be making a concerted effort to post photos & updates here on my blog, so hit the subscribe button over there to learn more about the fun that awaits at Botany Bay.

Sunset over the Caribbean

Sunset over the Caribbean – A great show every evening


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